Epic Furnishings Deluxe 8" Loft Cotton/Foam Futon Mattress Full Twill Khaki - B013EAETMC

Epic Furnishings Deluxe 8 Loft Cotton/Foam Futon Mattress Full Twill Khaki - B013EAETMC
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  • The Deluxe futon mattress is ideal for those individuals who prefer medium to firm sitting and sleeping

  • Comfortable as a sofa and will provide the dreamy slumber you never thought was possible on a futon mattress

  • 11 inches of materials compressed to finish at 6 to 8 inches thick providing the needed inside out pressure for long-lasting comfort

  • Built to last with only the top quality components; will not feel the frame underneath when sitting or sleeping; Made in the USA

  • Can be used with both futon frames and bed frames (with or without box spring foundation); works well with all frame types including metal and wood

  • Only the best materials are used in the Deluxe futon mattress. As a result, the Deluxe futon mattress maintains its original comfort level the longest over any other similar futon mattress. We use pre-compressed long-staple and linter garneted fibers cotton batting. The Deluxe has a foam core which is optimal for support and longevity. The foam core helps the cotton breath, maintain its loft, provide a more comfortable surface and allow the futon to bend easier. We use the heaviest and most durable cotton/poly twill outer shell; seams will not split and tuft holes will not "grow". The Deluxe futon mattress is hand-stuffed providing individual attention to detail that guarantees that each layer is even and without lumps or tears. Edges are hand-wrapped to make sure that the edges have the same layers as the middle which is particularly important for straight stable edges and comfortably sitting. We zipper close to avoid machine stitched cording which is both uncomfortable and unattractive. We carefully tuft the layers with nylon tufts that won't break so the layers do not shift and the Deluxe feel is consistently smooth. Our corners are softly squared edges to create a smooth finish look.

    Epic Furnishings Deluxe 8" Loft Cotton/Foam Futon Mattress Full Twill Khaki - B013EAETMC